I have been writing Haiku to hone my skills as a poet. Most of them end up as dark poetry. This would be a mystery if not for the fact that I really hate the confining style of poetry. I have been doing like 4 poems a day in the style. Some days six. Now to understand my hatred of the confining style , picture being waterboarded while listening to Barry Manilow. I’m really not good at it. I really don’t like it and I know as a writer it will improve economy of wordplay. Packing a better punch. So now I’m going to give you some of the  Haiku. Without further adieu some horrible Haiku .


Darkness falls on you

A blanket of dread and fear

Sleep tight if you can


I am a man changed

Put through a blast furnace

My youthful heart lost


the last one is minimalist. That is the true goal here

The devil took my soul

In a card game, in a gin joint

the cards didn’t weep


A willow leaf bends

forelorned the wind blows for you

sadness lives within


The reaper is here

your going down a dark hole

knowing stains your soul





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