Some old poetry

The dirge

A dirge plays in the background

There’s been a death

Hope has died along with love

Hope was slowly strangled to death

Love was clubbed like a baby seal

The cold frozen ground covered with the remnants of a beautiful life

Spattered are the pieces , in a red gore congealing on the stark white landscape

Sadness lives here and hangs like mist

your lips

I want to be pourd on your lips

Cling to your tears

Cleave to your form

And never let you go


She pulled out my heart from where she kept it

Her left back pocket

Close to those cement mixer hips,rock hard and so sexy

On that amazing ass is where that pocket lived

She threw down my heart and sromped on it

Pointing her fingure she yelled go!

I thought it was a row

I was still trapped by powder blue eyes

Like a shadow on the ground

She jumped up and down in her tall tall boots

Sqwish, sqwash, I didn’t get it; a wounded puppy was I

Finally after she got out her phone and deleted me, I no longer existed

Only then did I realize we were through


The first time I looked into her eyes

I tripped and fell into them

Cosmic powder blue, never seen on a human

They drew me in like prey, pinning me

I’m sure I twitched then stuttered

She had that inocent look that big cats get when they’re cleaning their paws after a kill

She had no idea looks could kill

I was a dead man walking

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