The first time I looked into her eyes I tripped and fell into them Cosmic powder blue, never seen on … More

Rairified air

Every once in a while you get to touch the sky I can’t explain why These brief moments burn like … More

Some old poetry

The dirge A dirge plays in the background There’s been a death Hope has died along with love Hope was … More


It’s a weapon It’s awesome if it’s with the one you love The promise of sex can be twice as … More

Piece Meal

My heart piece mealed out Like chum for the sharks   Quite a show it was!   I left a … More


She held my hand as we looked out on a billion stars Floating on our backs, circling as one We … More


Time stretches out into a thin line The grim reaper with his hand on your shoulder,whispering in a lovers voice … More


Ink slashed apon this page my poet’s quill dipped in rage   My story it does tell as I lull … More