My beautiful son continued

I recently had Corey write me a review. I told him review anything just to get the ball rolling. He has an interest in being my right hand wolf in this project. I had no idea what to expect from him as far as a review goes. My son is much like me in that he has a wide array of interest. He also tinkers with motors and electronics like my self. We are different but cut from the same cloth. He looks disturbingly like me. He has the same voice. He did a test podcast, I have to say that he knocked it out of the park on that one! His style of speech is completely different than my own. It will compliment the site well. He has a cultured voice with a cadence like a boxer. A quick set of jabs , a set up. Then a blur of a combination with the take down of the listener looking like it was the easiest thing in the world. I urged him to refine his style , but to not lose that edge. It’s what sets him apart.

He didn’t have the benefits that I had growing up. His step father was disenchanted with the two kids that came with the smoking hot babe. Jason never really took an interest in him. Corey always lived in his brother’s shadow. Shae moved them to a land of self entitlement , Falls Church VA. He was treated with disdain by Jason whom I call Goat man. His mother living now in a mansion but always being made to feel like she was the hired help. She didn’t come from the long history of money. Pedigree is everything to these assholes. She in a tumultuous relationship. She was a trophy , and at the heart of it no more. It was a blow to her self esteem that was catastrophic. Part of her heart fractured and she became jaded. She had been promised riches by the silver tonged devil. They never materialized. It was all smoke and mirrors. My son grew up in the shadow of that. The much needed encouragement that Corey needed never materialized and he acted out. Then it became a vicious circle of endless lectures and stomping on his already damaged heart. He didn’t feel appreciated or loved. My pup has gone through a lot before he found himself. He has emerged from this more weathered than his years allow.

Well when I got the review back I was astonished at his writing ability. The kid has serious talent. He has the ability to paint a picture with words. The back story about going on the train to pick up the desk was amazing and personal. That is what makes a good review. That small personal touch that makes people know yeah man your human as well. His command of the English language formidable. He has the ability to make the reader feel like he’s talking to a friend about the product. And wolf pack that is what I’m trying to do here. Make a platform where I can sit down with ten thousand of my friends and crack a cold one and chew the fat. You will get to see Corey flourish on these pages.